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A Personal Note from a Former Group Leader

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to remember that our own children are capable of great things and they too will want to push the boundaries one day and stretch themselves to the limit.

As a young child I was lucky to have a lot of freedom to do many things that, as a parent I might not encourage my children to do and I am sure my mother may have had some serious reservations about some of the mischief that I got up to. But I had Scouting as a backup. I learnt so many things from Scouting: bush craft, hiking, navigation, observation, tracking, construction, initiative. It was much fun, I could do so many things and I learnt how to push the boundaries in safety.

The door was wide open and from my humble beginnings I found a different way which set me on my life’s path.

I have often reflected on these times and shared them with my family. I sometimes feel that my stories may have sparked a flame that has seen both my children take on Scouting as a big part of their lives and both have flourished within our 1st Collaroy Plateau Group.

They will, I’m sure have some stories to tell their families and maybe me one day, when they are older. I know they are behaving just like me, pushing those boundaries as far as they can go but I have the knowledge that their safety and that of all the others is a big component of the activities they undertake, as it is part of what they learn.

That’s why I think Scouting is so attractive, especially to young teenagers.

But, shhh it’s a secret!

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The 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group was formed on the 18th November 1963 when a committee was formed with Mr Barry Garland as President. That Group has now been running continuously as 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group since 1964.
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