What Is Scouting?

Fun, Challenge and Adventure for young people aged 8-26

Why Scouting

Scouting encourages young people from all backgrounds, male and female, to have self-belief and confidence. It helps them develop physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually in a non-competitive environment.

The unique age-related progressive program and badge system offers a diverse variety of age specific activities and experiences like kayaking, camping, cycling, bush walking, climbing and campfires. But, scouts challenge their minds as well as their bodies. Not everyone looks for the outdoor buzz all the time, so Scouts have challenging activities linked with the internet and amateur radio, performance arts and awards linked to citizenship, environmental and community projects. Members get to find out what it means to take a risk, lead a team, make friends and discover that life is as much about possibilities as it is about challenges, but perhaps the most important thing is that Scouts have fun!

The Scout program is based on the wisdom of over 100 years of Scouting experience from around the world, combined with a dynamic and contemporary approach which ensure the program remains engaging and relevant to today’s youth and their families and the wider community.

Scouts are in every part of our community, and Scouts is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia. More than 20,000 thousand boys, girls, and young adults in New South Wales are members. And there are over 28 million Scouts in 155 countries worldwide. Joining Ist Collaroy Plateau Scout Group connects you to them all. International opportunities include joining the Jamboree of the Air (JOTA), the Jamboree of the Internet (JOTI), attending a Cuboree, a Jamboree or a World Scout Association event.

The Scouting formula is simple. Using volunteer adult leaders and basic facilities, young people develop trust, integrity and a spirit of adventure. Scouts today are some of the happiest, healthiest and most productive citizens; some of them will be tomorrow’s leaders – It’s how Richard Branson, Barack Obama and David Beckham got their start in life and you can benefit too.

For young people

As a young person, Scouts is a place to have fun, make new friends, learn new skills and have the kind of adventures that you can’t have anywhere else.

Depending on your age, you can join Cubs, Scouts, Venturers or Rovers.


We are always looking for Volunteers:- leaders, helpers, committee members…

Volunteering for 1st Collaroy Plateau Group is easy, fun, offers opportunities to get externally-recognised qualifications, and gives you the chance to have a real impact on the development of young people within an established group with a great family atmosphere.

Sponsor, donate and raise funds

Another way you can help our Group is by sponsoring us, donating money or helping us with fundraising.

Every contribution, large or small, helps to make sure that as many young people as possible have access to everyday adventure.

About us

The 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group was formed on the 18th November 1963 when a committee was formed with Mr Barry Garland as President. That Group has now been running continuously as 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group since 1964.
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