Former Scouts

Relive your memories

Are you a former member of Scouting either at 1st Collaroy or on the Northern Beaches?

Do you have a memory or old photographs to share with us about your time in Scouting?

If so we would like to hear from you. Email your story to us or go to our Former Scout Blog

Perhaps you would like to be involved again, volunteers can help us in many or young ways not just as leaders but with

  • Badgework
  • Fundraising
  • Help with maintaining buildings and equipment
  • Sharing special skills and experiences
  • Sponsoring us

About us

The 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group was formed on the 18th November 1963 when a committee was formed with Mr Barry Garland as President. That Group has now been running continuously as 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group since 1964.
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