Be prepared: for action and adventure (Age 11- 15)

Create Memories that will stay with you for a life time!

When you’re a Scout, there’s always something new and different to try. You don’t just talk about it…. You do it!

Scouts do anything and everything… Could you plan an overnight camp, get the right gear and food, find the site in the dark and set up and get everyone fed?…. our scouts can!

As part of a small group of scouts called a Patrol within the Scout Troop you will start to take part in decision making and planning. Your Patrol Leader (an older, more experienced scout) will help you and the rest of your patrol as you work together to set goals and create plans to achieve those goals and cope with problems which may arise. Weekly meetings are held to build up skill levels, work on achievement badges, play games, have fun and plan for weekend adventures.

Your Scout Leaders use their expertise to teach you heaps of skills and be there to help guide and council you through each activity to ensure you succeed

Whatever you like to do, we do it

Camping, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, cycling, fishing, camp cooking, first aid, bush craft, night hikes, raft building, chariot racing, laser tag …….

Skills for Life

Scouts learn skills which will last a lifetime, such as light-weight camping and bush navigation, how to prepare and cook their own food, how to recognise the dangers of their environment (including bush fires), how to be safe around beaches, rivers and lakes and how to tie very useful knots. Scouts gain confidence, build resilience, become leaders and take responsibility for their actions all attributes which will prepare them for success in the adult world.

Challenge your mind as well as your body

But Scouting is not all outdoor buzz all the time. Scouts have challenging activities linked with the internet, amateur radio and the performing arts and awards linked to citizenship, community service and personal spiritual development.

Mark your achievements

Scouts can earn badges and cords which give you knowledge of Scouting skills and mark achievements in areas such as citizenship, camp-craft, air, water and environmental projects. There are three levels Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer. There are also achievement badges which are earned by learning new skills of exploring areas that interest you.

Make new Friends

Scouts make new friends; both in your Troop and from around the world at Australian and International Jamborees

Have Fun

Most importantly Scouts have fun! We meet every week during term time on Monday’s from 7pm to 9pm

How can I join?

Complete your details on our Contact us page selecting Group Scout Leader in the category section. We will be in contact shortly to arrange a trial session. In the meantime, go to the Membership Pack section of this web site and complete the enclosed forms.

About us

The 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group was formed on the 18th November 1963 when a committee was formed with Mr Barry Garland as President. That Group has now been running continuously as 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group since 1964.
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