Scouts Hiking Gear List

On a hike all scouts must carry their own gear in a pack. A Scouts pack should not weigh more than 20% of their body weight.

To keep the weight down sometimes it may be necessary to swap comfort for practicality, remove excess packaging from food bought for the hike, modify your mess kit to suit the menu you have chosen- if you have no need for a bowl then don’t take one etc., take small amounts of toothpaste or soap. Everything that is taken needs to be just enough for the duration of the hike. With sleeping bags and spare clothing ensure they are wrapped up in plastic bags to prevent them from getting wet.

When packing the pack ensure all gear fits inside the bag, if sleeping mats or tents or billy’s get tied on outside the pack they may end up damage, wet or lost. The following is a suggested list of gear needed for a hike

1 x pack – not too big for the user

1 x sleeping bag

1 x sleeping mat, 5 – 10mm thick

Mess kit in a cotton bag – modified to suit the menu

Water – minimum 1 litre per day, split up between 2 or 3 water bottles in case one is broken or lost.

If water is needed for cooking then add more water.

1 x pair sturdy worn in boots or shoes

1 x pair of thick socks per day

1 x change of clothing, suited to the weather conditions at the time of hike

Toiletries bag, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap etc.

1 x rolls of toilet paper

Insect repellent

Sun cream

1 x hat – soft full brimmed hats are a better option for hikes than caps

1 x Small towel – a hand towel will be enough

1 x Rain coat or poncho

1 x personal first aid kit

Warm clothing depending on the season and weather at the time of hike. Layers are better than a bulky thick jacket

1 x Small torch AA/ AAA size or head torch

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