Scouts Standing Camp Gear List

A standing camp is a camp where the scouts will camp as a patrol or a troop depending on how many are going or what activities are being done at the camp.

When packing for a standing camp all personal gear must fit into 1 bag, there is to be nothing tied onto the bag as these things can be lost and make it more difficult to pack into a trailer or car.

The bigger camping items such as tents, cooking equipment ( stoves, pots cooking cutlery), dinning fly’s, tables and chairs will be taken from the scouts gear in the hall.

Usually all that a scout will need to bring to a standing camp will be their own gear unless told otherwise. Sleeping bags and spare clothing should be wrapped in plastic bags or dry sacks to ensure they stay dry.

The following is a suggested list of gear needed for a standing camp,

1 x sleeping bag

1 x sleeping mat, 5 – 10mm thick

Mess kit in a cotton bag (1 x plate, 1 x bowl, 1 x cup, knife, fork, spoon, 1 x tea towel)

1 x water bottle

1 x day pack

Small personal first aid kit

1 x pair of sturdy boots/shoes, no thongs at camps, 1 x pair sand shoes in case boots get wet

Toiletries bag, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap etc.

1 x rolls toilet paper

Insect repellent

Sun cream

Full brim hat

Small towel

Rain coat

Clothing – need to take a change of clothing, especially socks and under wear

Warm clothing depending on the season and weather at the time of camp

Small torch/head torch and spare batteries

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